Privacy Policy

As a general rule, privacy policies are written by lawyers for lawyers. I hope you find this to instead be a clear and transparent overview of the Privacy Policy, which is based on the State of California.

Brian’s Philosophy

This is a professional portfolio site. I am only interested in reaching out to like minded individuals and organizations. I only collect your personally identifiable information to be able to respond to you. I don’t sell (as “sell” is traditionally defined) your personally identifiable information to anyone else, and do my best to keep it confidential.

Personally identifiable information

The term “personally identifiable information” in these highlights to mean information that identifies, or that can reasonably be linked to, an actual natural person (that’s a real, named human being). I use the stand-alone term “information” to include all types of information, including personally identifiable information.


Information relevant to you might be collected in three ways. First, I may get information directly from you. This could be as part of your interactions with my contact form when you provide information that page or using my phone number or email.

Information Use

The only purpose of any information you might provide is to respond to you and/or to meet your expectations for a project you have in mind, and give you a great experience in working with me.


I don’t share information with anyone else, unless you authorize it as part of a project or idea we are working on or discussing.

Have any questions about privacy practices? 
[email protected]