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New technologies are continuously emerging

Behind a curtain of innovation, for the past decade, the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple embarked on a largely unseen initiative, channeling billions of dollars towards the research and development of AI platforms and models, as well as next level tech like quantum computing.

Recognizing the immense potential locked within the new A.I. paradigm, these top-tier titans forged ahead, going almost unnoticed until last year. Their R & D effort wasn’t well publicized, and for years was only appreciated by the inner circle of developers and techies.

A Seismic Shift
In 2022 the worlds perception of AI experienced a seismic shift, casting it out of the realm of speculation and into the domain of breathtaking possibilities. In addition to dozens of new startups based on OpenAI, Google’s DeepMind, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and the mystique of Facebook’s facial recognition capabilities have captured the collective imagination, unmasking the pervasive influence of AI.

Convergence of Research and Computing Power
Todays manifestation of AI owes itself to a storm of technological convergence. The surge in computing power coupled with Large Language Models propelled AI development forward. Coupled with advances in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and neural networks, a crescendo of innovation has transformed this marathon of research into a celebrated field, inspiring great minds across many industries.

A Leap of Existence
With each passing day, AI asserts its dominion over the world of today, promising to reshape industries, unlock untapped creative realms, and transcend the barriers of complexity. From autonomous vehicles navigating our streets to personalized healthcare revolutionizing our well-being, AI dawns upon us as a force which is truly transformative. The newfound awareness and growing anticipation throughout society serves as a rallying cry for innovation, inspiring our tech world with a renewed sense of relentless exploration and untapped potential. Welcome to 2023.

Designing AI-powered mobile app systems with cloud backends & analytics helps to provide a more seamless user experience as the app matures. User satisfaction starts with listening.
#mobileappdev #AI #cloudcomputing

Designing AI-powered mobile app systems with cloud backends & analytics helps provide seamless user experiences. User satisfaction starts with proper planning. #mobileappdev #AI #cloudcomputing

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