About the Future

Why are we curious about our future? If we can create our future, and destiny isn’t inevitable, can we predict what will happen?

It’s fascinating to consider what the future might look like in the next 5, 10, 100 or 1000 years.

What will everyday life look like? What will we be focused on? How will things change?

 Illustration of innovations and Internet of things, in a future Smart City…

If you’ve ever wondered about these questions, you’ll find the predictions from some of today’s top futurists quite interesting. See the videos on the home page
World economies will affect everything from the Internet of Things to Uber, from automation to lack of actually “owning.” Where we are now will seem like ancient history in ten years.
If you could you have told me in 2000 that we’d be ordering food from our phones while waiting for a car to pick us up and tracking its approach, I would express great disbelief.
As new discoveries come to bear, these are some of the key areas of change.
1. Self Driving Cars
2. Personal Flying Vehicles/Quadcopter
3. Drones
4. Cybernetics
5. Artificial Intelligence
6. Cognitive Computing
7. Cybersecurity driven by predictive AI
8. Voice Command integrated with applications (like Google)
9. Genetic Manipulation
10. Advanced Medicine
11. Life Extension
12. Cures for Disease
13. Space Medicine
14. Interstellar Probes
15. Planetary Settlements
16. Exoplanet Discoveries
17. Environmental Stasis
18. Planetary Exploration
19. Telescope Based Exploration
20. Particle Physics/Quantum Mechanics
21. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
22. Portable Nuclear Power
23. Engineered Food
24. Weather Manipulation
25. Political Changes
26. Space Aircraft
27. Invisibility Cloak
28. Laser and Rail Guns
29. A Bridge between Religion and Science
30. Smart Cities
31. 3d Printing
32. Holograms
33. Carbon/Synthetic Fiber
34. Crowdfunding
35. The Sharing Economy
36. Blockchains
37. Swarmbots
38. Smart Dust
39. Vertical Farms
40. The Internet of Things
41. Smart Factories
42. Augmented Reality
43. Quantum Computing
44. Intelligent Farms
45. Smart Clothing